Xref: Reference Checking. Made Simple.

Xref is a secure, online reference checking platform that significantly reduces time-to-hire and helps protect against candidate fraud.

Through Xref’s integration with Checkr, customers can move seamlessly between candidate background checks and the reference checking process.

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Reduce your time-to-hire. The average turnaround time for an Xref reference is 24-32 hours.

Make smarter hiring decisions. Xref references provide 60% more data than traditional reference checking methods.

Protect your organization. Xref’s fraud algorithm and data privacy measures provide peace of mind for hirers.

What is Xref?

Xref brings ease, security and value to the candidate referencing process. The online, automated solution delivers the data-driven candidate insights organizations need to make smart, confident hiring decisions. Its customer-centric platform and team enable the flexibility and scalability its global clients require to hire the best talent, quickly. 

Find out how Xref helps organizations globally make smarter, more confident hiring decisions, by automating the reference checking process.

Discover the benefits of Xref

Xref improves hiring efficiency with a reliable solution that offers ease of use, collects more data, reduces the threat of fraud and alleviates the risk of data and discrimination breaches, in three simple steps…

Employer adds candidate to the Xref system

Candidate drives the process, sharing referee details

Referees provide feedback, typically within 24-32 hrs

Featured case study

"Xref has improved our process significantly."

Michelle Waller, Recruitment Manager at WilsonCTS, explains how Xref has supported Wilson during a high growth phase with significant process improvements, including faster turnaround times, greater convenience for referees and more candid content.

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