Are Candidates Lying To You?

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29% of respondents admitted to having deliberately lied to a potential employer

84% were interested in being kept up to date through the hiring process

21% of respondents admitted to actively encouraging referees to lie on their behalf

What is the Xref Recruitment Risk Index?

The nature of UK reference checking has changed. Unlike the detailed, opinion-based process it is designed to be, we are now faced with an increase in organisations that will only confirm a candidate’s name, their dates of employment and the job role they fulfilled.

In response to this, and to formally present these risks to HR professionals, Xref conducted research to gather independent, third-party data that would help to quantify the real risks in traditional referencing, surveying over 1,000 recent job seekers some alarming truths about The State of UK Referencing Today.

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Xref improves hiring efficiency with a reliable solution that offers ease of use, collects more data, reduces the threat of fraud and alleviates the risk of data and discrimination breaches, in three simple steps…

Employer adds candidate to the Xref system

Candidate drives the process, sharing referee details

Referees provide feedback, typically within 24-32 hrs

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"We first used Xref on a Friday, by Monday all of the references were complete."

Westpac’s Talent Acquisition Strategy Manager, Adam Buxton, discusses the improvements he’s seen in turnaround times and costs, headcount efficiency, and process centralisation, since introducing Xref.

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