70% of HR professionals feel they've been lied to during phone references.

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34% say their organization does not reference consistantly

41% would prefer not to provide references

38% had asked a friend to provided a reference on their behalf

What is the Recruitment Risk Index?

Xref launched in 2011 to address a key industry issue: the inefficiency, inconsistency, and vulnerability of phone-based reference checking.

To quantify our claims we conducted independent research to support the advice and recommendations we offer our clients by surveying 1,000 Canadian job seekers and 100 HR Professionals.

The Xref Recruitment Risk Index: a 2017 Canadian Industry Perspective reveals an alarming amount of unmeasured talent lost due to delays in the hiring process as well as a reference checking "black hole" in Canada, with information not being fully utilized to inform hiring decisions. 

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Xref improves hiring efficiency with a reliable solution that offers ease of use, collects more data, reduces the threat of fraud and alleviates the risk of data and discrimination breaches, in three simple steps…

Employer adds candidate to the Xref system

Candidate drives the process, sharing referee details

Referees provide feedback, typically within 24-32 hrs

Featured case study

"It's all Cloud based, which means the references can do it in their own time"

Michelle Waller, Recruitment Manager at WilsonCTS, explains how Xref has supported Wilson during a high growth phase with significant process improvements, including faster turnaround times, greater convenience for referees and more candid content. 

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